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Do you own a car than no longer runs? Has you disabled vehicle become an eyesore in the neighborhood?  Cash4Cars NJ has an easy solution. You know you are never going to restore your wrenched or totaled suv or minivan, so why not make a simple call and sell it to us? At Cash4Cars we make it pain-free in Newark, NJ to get rid of a junk car.
Ford Bronco on Flatbed

  • If you live in New Jersey, turn to Cash4Cars for free junk car removal service. From Essex County to the South Coast in Ocean County, we will make the entire process as simple, and quick as possible. You won’t need to worry anymore about how you are going to remove your vehicle because we will pick it up and transport it for you. Maybe your car is inoperable due to an accident, or maybe it has been damaged by a fire or flood.  Whatever the reason, your car or truck is now junk, and we have been serving the entire State of New Jersey since 1994 helping our customers get rid of their unwanted vehicles.
  • Cash4Cars NJ is convenient to use. From a privately owned junked pickup truck to a commercial vehicle that has been completely totaled in an accident, we can remove that ugly, junked vehicle for you. You can trust us to be professional and provide courteous service.  We’re fully licensed and insured, so what are you waiting for? Avoid a fine from the city of Newark and call Cash4Cars to come picked up your junk car, truck , or minivan.
  • At Cash4Cars NJ we responsibly recycle your junked vehicle after we pick it up and pay you cash. Don’t delay, call us today at 908-884-1455. We buy all types of junked cars including, all years, makes, and models. So put a little extra money in your pocket today!

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